New faculty member in environmental engineering

February 18, 2021

photo of Anjali Mulchandi
Anjali Mulchandi

Dr. Anjali Mulchandani has joined the CCEE faculty as of Spring 2021 with her emphasis in environmental engineering.

She leads the Water and Environmental Resource Sustainability Group at UNM. Her research converges environmental engineering, materials science, nanotechnology, thermodynamics, and data analytics to design and predict feasibility of novel water treatment and resource recovery technologies. A primary area of her expertise is an atmospheric water harvesting, an innovative decentralized technology that provides clean drinking water from the air. Her passions include designing hands-on learning tools and leading public outreach initiatives for STEM awareness and engagement among all levels of learners.

Dr. Mulchandani was a postdoctoral research scholar at Stanford University. She earned her M.S. and Ph.D. from Arizona State University (ASU) and B.S. from UCLA. She was a member of the NSF Engineering Research Center on Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment, and recipient of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and 2019 ASU Engineering Dean's Dissertation Award.