CCEE students study abroad in Europe: resilience of European infrastructure

September 13, 2018

Over the summer, 21 students from CCEE traveled to Germany and Holland to complete a study abroad program on the topic of the Resilience of European Infrastructure. The program included two courses. The first, led by Mr. Michael Gonzalez, was titled Resiliency and Reconstruction of Transportation Systems and was offered in Berlin and Munich, Germany. The course provided an overview of the history of infrastructure construction techniques in Europe with an emphasis on the resiliency of transportation systems and refurbishment activities due to events including the country’s reunification, population growth, and urban development. The second course, led by Dr. Mark Stone, was titled Life below sea level: How the Dutch have learned to live with water. The course explored the Dutch relationship with water resources engineering including land reclamation, sea walls and barriers, and flood resilience through coastal and river restoration. All 21 students were from the CCEE Department including 12 undergraduate and nine graduate students. 

 study abroad group 2018