CE Graduate Students Learn 3D Printing

May 4, 2017

 CE 521 structural dynamics graduate students learn 3D printing and sensing technologies, inspired by Diamandis, ASCE 2025 Vision, and Professor Billington’s structural art innovative teaching. During their semester, students were lectured in random vibrations (Dr. Tom Paez, Sandia National Laboratories retiree), structural health monitoring (Dr. Chuck Farrar, Los Alamos National Laboratory), and cyber physical systems (Dr. Jerry Lynch, University of Michigan). At the end of the semester, they conducted their experiments in collaboration with the Social Media Workgroup (SMW). The final jury included Tom Baca, a Sandia National Laboratories retiree; Bideng Liu, Institute of Disaster Prevention, Beijing, China; Ali Ozdagli, postdoctoral fellow at UNM CE SmiLAB; Britney King and Chris Baca from the SMW; and Dr. Fernando Moreu, instructor of the class and Assistant Professor in the civil engineering department at UNM.

ce 521 graduate students

ce 521 students