CE 506 Students Present Their Design Projects

May 8, 2017

On May 5, 2017, the CE 506 graduate class (prestressed concrete) presented their prestressed design projects for a two-span bridge. Each student’s assignment was to design the superstructure of the bridge using a prestressed I-girder in a certain US state. Students were required to review the bridge design manual for the assigned state, perform the design using one of two commercial software programs - PGsuper (from WSDOT and TxDOT) and LEAP Bridge Concrete (from Bentley) - and finally prepare the hand calculation to verify the design. The presentation was in a “Head to Head” format in which two students are presenting mutually at the same time to contrast the change in their designs.  Dr. Taha, Chair of the civil engineering department, attended as presentation a guest and discussed the design with every presentation group.

Presentation No.

Student (State)

Student (State)


Lucas Lantz (Michigan)

Mohit Khadka (Wisconsin)


Conner Rusch (Washington)

Sushil Ghimire (California)


Hari Dhamala (New York)

Abdul Saleem Shaik (Texas)


Bipesh Shrestha (Florida)

Rhytham Soni (New Jersey)


Anima Bista (Illinois)

Mika Boyd (Colorado)


Eric Lujan (Massachusetts)

Anthony Lampert (North Carolina)

506 grad presentations 2

506 photo