New Online Course – Soils in Construction

March 9, 2017

 Dr. John Stormont is offering a new online course, CE 598, Soils in Construction.  The course begins on March 19, 2017, and is an 8 week class for 3 credits.

This course introduces the nature and properties of soils and how soils influence certain construction activities.  The course provides non-engineers with the language and principles of geotechnical engineering to make them better at their job.   Topics covered include: (1) soil characteristics and deposits, (2) soil index properties, (3) soil classification, (4) stress analysis and engineering properties, (5) contract documents and soils reports, (6) embankment construction and control, (7) dewatering, (8) excavation and excavation support, and (9) foundation construction.  

This course is an elective for the MCM program and is also available as an elective for CM undergraduate students.