UNM Society of Enabled Engineers (& STEM students)

January 30, 2017

Our next meeting is going to be held on Wednesday, February 22 at 3:00 PM in the Engineering Student Services office on the 2nd floor of the Centennial Engineering Center. We hope to see you there! The topic will be creating a large poster for the club and making plans for increasing the membership.

We are a student organization dedicated to helping disabled STEM students overcome any and all challenges faced by their disability that hinder their achievement of the dream of finishing their education. 

This student organization is dissimilar to the Accessibility Resources Center in that we do not require documentation of a student's disability.  Self-diagnosis is perfectly acceptable.  If a student who does not have a disability is interested in being involved, that would be great!  Furthermore, although the focus is STEM students, all majors are welcome.  For example, a psychology major would be a great fit.  They would get experience working with students with disabilities, and would be of a great help to the student organization as well.  All majors are welcome to participate with the Society of Enabled Engineers.  Besides getting experience, and networking, other benefits of joining this student organization are friendships, networking with students who can help you with schoolwork for math, science, and other classes; learning who is a good professor for what class, and networking with ambitious students in general. 

For more information, please contact Daniel Strones at:

* Cell: (preferred) (505)440-0361.

Texts are fine, as are calls.

* E-mail: DStrones@UNM.EDU

* Facebook group: Society of Enabled Engineers