Graduate Students Work on Restoring USFS Picnic Area

May 5, 2016

Graduate students Michele Anderson and Matti Joyner are working with the US Forest Service to restore picnic facilities at the Juan Tabo Picnic Area in the Sandia Mountains. Over the years the picnic area has experienced degradation from natural forces and vandalism which has undermined the parking lot and picnic tables. Michele and Matti are assisting US Forest Service personnel with design and construction of the facilities. The picnic area has been described as a “Haven in the Hills” by the Albuquerque Journal and is an historical site having been constructed in the 1930s by the CCC and WPA groups. The students will focus their initial work on restoring the parking area, including providing for adequate drainage. Michele is working on her Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree, and Matti is working on her Master of Construction Management degree.

juan tabo picnic students       juan tabo picnic area

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