Dr. Gerstle Publishes New Book

September 2, 2015

walter gerstleDr. Walter Gerstle, Professor of Civil Engineering, has published a new book entitled, “Introduction to Practical Peridynamics: Computational Solid Mechanics Without Stress and Strain”, Word Scientific Publishing Co., 2015, 410 pages.

Parting with the classical continuum concepts of stress and strain in the computational simulation of solids, this book proposes a peridynamic model that applies the model directly to particle lattices. The model is directly solvable on a computer.

Introduction to Practical Peridynamics is both a graduate-level textbook and a treatise. The text provides the necessary foundations to understand and apply the state-based peridynamic lattice model, as well as a guide for the practical use of the model — for solving realistic structural engineering problems (particularly in reinforced concrete structures) in elasticity, plasticity, damage, fracture, and large deformations.

Contents in this book include introductory chapters presenting the historical background of the subject; classical elasticity; computational solid modeling; continuum mechanics; fracture mechanics; particle dynamics simulations on parallel computers; as well as example simulations (with model applications)

Walter Gerstle is a Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of New Mexico with an emphasis in structural engineering and structural mechanics. He is active in developing new methods for computational simulation of structures. Prof. Gerstle was awarded his MS and PhD degrees by Cornell University, USA, and obtained his undergraduate education at Harvey Mudd College, USA, and at the University of Colorado, USA.