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ReCARnation donates use of vehicles to UNM engineering programs

April 9, 2015

Marc Powell, owner of Albuquerque-based transportation company ReCARnation, is donating the use of two vehicles benefiting two initiatives in the UNM School of Engineering: the Lobo MotorSports Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) team, and outreach and research efforts led by the Center for Water and the Environment.

The gift agreement specifies that each entity will receive vehicle rentals at no charge on an as-needed basis for five years.

The Center for Water and the Environment will be able to use the pickup truck to conduct field research and tow a trailer that is being built to do K-12 education and outreach. The trailer-mounted demonstration unit will be called the Water Activity Vehicle and Experience (WAVE) vehicle, which will allow students to understand and experience water-related research in a hands-on way.

Powell said his generosity was inspired by a deep commitment to improving the educational opportunities for students in New Mexico, which in turn serves to bolster the community. In 2013, Powell donated more than 50 percent of ReCARnation’s profits to individuals and organizations in need.