Student research featured on KRQE News

February 7, 2022

Student research from CE 481/581 was recently featured on KRQE News! After learning about transportation safety concepts during the first half of the Fall 2021 semester, students taking CE 481/581 spent the second half of the semester in GIS analyzing how the Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) System impacted car crashes along Central Avenue in Albuquerque. The 15 undergraduate students and 5 graduate students found that while the ART installation correlated with a 5% decrease in overall collisions (compared to an 8% increase on surrounding routes and across Albuquerque as a whole), there was a 62% reduction in serious and fatal injuries (more than three times the decrease seen across the rest of the city). Pedestrian collisions decreased overall except for a few outliers, such as Central Avenue and Louisiana Boulevard, which students identified as needing further research.

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