Breadth and Depth Required Electives

Civil Engineering students must take a total of 6 breadth and depth electives.

Note:  Additional Breadth/Depth electives have been approved for Spring 2021 only.  Students should contact Nicole Bingham,, or Marl Stone,, if they wish to obtain this list.

Breadth Requirement:

Take one course in four of the six sub-discipline areas listed below.

Depth Requirement:

Take two additional courses in the sub-discipline areas in which you have already taken courses.

1)    You can either take two additional courses in one of the four sub-discipline areas in which you have already taken one course.

2)    Or, you can take one additional course in one of the sub-discipline areas in which you have already taken a course and an additional course in a second sub-discipline area in which you have already taken a course.

Breadth and Depth Electives

Please see UNM schedule ( for planned course offerings each semester.  In addition, here is list of when our undergraduate courses are "typically offered."



Breadth (B)/ Depth (D) Designation

CE 410

Structural Design I

Structures (B or D)

CE 411

Reinf. Concrete Design

Structures (B or D)

CE 413

Timber & Masonry Design

Structures (B or D)

CE 424

Structural Design in Metals

Structures (B or D)

CE 431

Phys-Chem Water Trt

Environmental (B or D)

CE 433

Envir. Microbiology

Environmental (B or D)

CE 436

Biol. Wastewater Trt

Environmental (B or D)

CE 438

Sustainable Engr.

Environmental (B or D)

CE 440

Design of Hydraulic Sys

Water Resources (B or D)

CE 441


Water Resources (B or D)

CE 442

Hydraulic Engr and Hydrol

Water Resources (B or D)

CE 452

Building Information Modeling

Construction (B or D)

Structures (Depth only)

CE 455

Engineering Project Mgmt

Construction (B or D)

CE 462

Foundation Engr

Geotechnical (B or D)

CE 463

Earth Structures

Geotechnical (B or D)

CE 466

Pavement Design

Geotechnical (B or D)

CE 473b

Construction Law

Construction (B or D)

CE 474 b

Prin of Written Const Docs

Construction (B or D)

CE 475b

Construction Safety

Construction (B or D)

CE 477 b

Project Controls

Construction (B or D)

CE 478

Temporary Structures in Construction (Design of Temp Support Struc)

Construction (B or D)

CE 481

Urban Transp Planning

Transportation (B or D)

CE 482

Highway and Traffic Engr

Transportation (B or D)

b    Online course.

Students may apply graduate-level civil engineering courses to meet the depth and breadth electives. Please see an advisor to determine into which category the graduate-level courses fall. In general, 500-level versions of a course listed above would count in the same category as the 400-level course.