AP/Transfer Credits/CLEP

Advanced Placement

Students who take advanced placement courses in high school through the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program may be eligible for college credit.  

Many courses in UNM’s core curriculum can be satisfied by earning a score of three or higher on Advanced Placement exams.  See the Admissions web site, honors.unm.edu, for details.

Score reports should be sent directly from the College Board to the UNM Office of Admissions. 

Transfer of Credits

UNM evaluates courses from post-secondary institutions that are regionally accredited or are candidates for regional accreditation. Course work completed with a minimum grade of “C-,” provided the classes are similar or equivalent to courses offered at the University, can be accepted as transfer credit. (Transferable courses with grades of “D” from New Mexico state institutions are accepted.)

The University of New Mexico does not accept technical/vocational, remedial, personal development or dogmatic religion courses. Credit is not awarded for work or life experience, cooperative education or for courses from out-of-state in which the grade received was lower than “C-”. 

The UNM Admissions Office evaluates transfer courses to determine the appropriate transfer to UNM.  The CE department may, in some instances, be responsible for evaluating the acceptance of civil engineering courses.  Ultimately, the department will determine if transferred credits and courses can be applied to the degree programs in the department.

UNM’s Transfer Equivalency System (TES) can help you determine how your coursework from other institutions may transfer and be used as part of your UNM degree.  Please refer to this web page:  Common Course Equivalencies for Transfer Students


CLEP (College Level Examination Program) Subject Exams can also be used for credit for specific courses.  See the Admissions web site, College Level Examination Program, for details.


If you have questions about the particular transfer of a particular civil or construction course, please contact Dr. Andrew Schuler, Director of Undergraduate Programs, schuler@unm.edu, CENT 3039, or Nicole Bingham, the Senior Academic Advisor, nicluna@unm.edu, CENT 3012.