3 + 2 BS/MBA Program

The School of Engineering recognizes that many engineers become managers of engineering programs and projects and thus require training in business methods beyond their engineering training. In cooperation with the Anderson School of Management (ASM) at the University of New Mexico, the School of Engineering offers a “3 + 2” program of studies leading to the B.S. and M.B.A. degrees in five years. This program involves selecting core and technical electives that are compatible with both degree programs and applying to the M.B.A. program at the end of the junior year of engineering studies. Consult your departmental advisor in engineering and the advisors for the M.B.A. program in ASM for details of this program. 

Information can be found on the Anderson School of Management site, 3-2 Program Information.  

Degree in Combination with Other Colleges

If a student wishes to secure a degree in another college together with a School of Engineering degree, he or she is urged to seek advice early in the college program from the academic advisors of the colleges concerned. With care in selection of the program of studies, it is possible for students to secure a second degree in one additional year.