MSCE Water Resources Engineering

Area of Emphasis - Water Resources Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering or must take sequence of required undergraduate courses first.

Required for Degree: 32 credits total – 24 credits coursework, 6 credits thesis, 2 credits seminar.

Suggested Courses

Course Number Course Name Credits
CE 541 Hydrogeology 3
CE 542 Intermediate Hydrology 3
CE 545 Open Channel Hydraulics 3
CE 547 GIS in Water Resources Engineering 3

Required of All Master's Students

Course Number Course Name Credits
CE 599 Thesis – Major Advisor 6
CE 691 Seminar (2 semesters, 1 credit each) 2

Hydraulics / WR Electives

Course Number Course Name Credits
CE 531 Physical-Chemical Water & Wastewater Treatment 3
CE 534 Environmental Engineering Chemistry 3
CE 536 Biological Wastewater Treatment 3
CE 539 Radioactive Waste Management 3
CE 540 Design of Hydraulic Systems 3
CE 560* Advanced Soil Mechanics 3

*to be offered at the discretion of the faculty member.

Students must work with their faculty advisor to identify other appropriate elective courses for this degree program.

Note: Course offerings are subject to change each semester based on enrollment and instructor availability.