Electives for BS in Construction Management in the CCEE Department

Construction Electives

In order to tailor their degree programs to their interests, Construction Management students have the opportunity to take one Construction elective course. This elective should be at the 300 or 400 level and relevant to the student’s anticipated professional career. Below is a list of suggested courses.  (These may not be offered each semester.  If there is a particular course you would like to take, it would be a good idea to monitor the schedule each semester so that you know in which semester the course will be offered.)

ARCH 331


ARCH 430

Foundations Physical Planning

ARCH 433

Sustainability II

CRP 335

Community Economics for Planners    

CRP 467

Regional Planning Process and Theory

CRP 480

Community Growth and Land Use Planning

CRP 485

Practice of Negotiation and Public Dispute Resolution

CRP 486

Planning Issues in Chicano Communities

CE 382

Transportation Engineering

CE 452

Building Information Modeling

CE 455

Engineering Project Management

LA 335


Management Electives

In the Construction Management degree program, there are two required management courses and one elective management course.  The required courses to meet ACCE accreditation requirements are Mgt 300, Operations Management and Mgt 310, Legal Issues for Managers.  In addition, you must choose a third 300 or 400 level management class for which you have the prerequisites.  The choices for the third class are:  Mgt 306, 308, 322, 324, 326, or 328. 

Minor in Management

The requirements for this degree fulfill the requirements for a Minor in Management.  Information can be found here:  http://bba.mgt.unm.edu/minors/minors.asp.   The Management Minor from the Anderson Schools of Management requires 18 hours.  Mgt 202, Stat 145, and Econ 106 are required.  You must receive grades of C- or better in all courses applied in the minor.

Mgt 202, Stat 145, and Econ 106 are part of the CM program.  Because the upper-level Mgt 303 is required in the CM program, the School of Engineering does NOT allow it to count toward the minor.

You should work with your academic advisor to choose appropriate management courses.

Revised 7/12/18