Core Curriculum

All undergraduate students must complete the UNM Core Curriculum and the UNM Diversity Requirement as part of their baccalaureate program. There is a wide-range of courses available to fulfill these requirements and many of these courses are already built into one of our degree programs, as indicated below.

The following is the list of Core Curriculum requirements for students entering our department. All core courses must be completed with a grade of C (not C-) or better.

Our bachelor’s programs satisfy the Core Curriculum Requirements of UNM as follows:

Area 1 – Writing and Speaking, 9 credits

  • BSCE – Engl 110, Engl 120, Engl 219
  • BSConE – same
  • BSConMgt – same

Area 2 – Mathematics, 3 credits

  • BSCE – Math 162
  • BSConE – Math 162
  • BSConMgt – Math 180

Area 3 – Physical and Natural Sciences, 7 credit hours (2 courses, one with a lab)

  • BSCE – Chem 121 and 123L, PHYC 160
  • BSConE – same
  • BSConMgt – Chem 121 and 123L, PHYC 151

Area 4 – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 6 credits

  • BSCE – Econ 105 or 106, a choice from approved Core list
  • BSConE – same
  • BSConMgt – same

Area 5 – Humanities, 6 credits

  • BSCE – 2 courses from approved Core list
  • BSConE – same
  • BSConMgt – same

Area 6 – Foreign Language, 3 credits from any lower division, non-English language offerings from the Department of Linguistics (including SIGN 201), Spanish and Portuguese, Foreign Languages and Literatures, and foreign languages in other departments or programs (except Latin 105, Pre-Spring 2007).

Second Language Elective - Same for all 3 BS degree programs.

Area 7 – Fine Arts, 3 credits

Same for all 3 BS programs – see approved list. May also use any 3 credit hour studio or performance course offered by the Department of Art and Art History, Music, Theatre & Dance, Media Arts, or IFDM.

Many courses in UNM’s core curriculum can be satisfied by taking Advanced Placement courses in high school and achieving a specified score on an AP test. See the Admissions web site, Honors College, for details.

CLEP (College Level Examination Program) Subject Exams can also be used for credit for specific courses. See the Admissions web site, College Level Examination Program, for details.