Research Area by Sub-Discipline

The Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering conducts ongoing and extensive research in several of the traditional sub disciplines of the profession. Click on the name of the faculty member under the sub discipline to find out their current research interests, activities, and projects.

Construction and Transportation

Construction Engineering and Management

construction group

From left to right: Dr. Vanessa Valentin, Dr. Susan Bogus Halter, Mr. Michael Gonzalez, Mr. Ken Cooper.

Transportation and Traffic Engineering

transportation group

From left to right: Mr. Claude Morelli, Dr. Nicholas Ferenchak, Dr. Gregory M. Rowangould

Environment and Water

environ water 2018

Seated, left to right: Dr. Mark Stone, Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez-Pinzon, Dr. Andrew Schuler, Dr. Jose Cerrato
Standing, left to right:  Dr. John Stormont, Dr. Ryan Webb, Ms. Katelin Fisher, Dr. Kerry Howe


Hydraulics and Water Resources

Structures and Geotechnical

structures geotech faculty

From left to right::  Dr. Fernando Moreu, Dr. Mahmoud Taha, Dr. Tang-Tat Percy Ng