Faculty Photos from the Past

Faculty and Staff Photo 2005

photo 2005

First row, left to right:  Bruce Thomson, Yolanda Sanchez, Jerald Rounds, Susan Bogus Halter, Kenny Martinez, Ida Padilla, Kristine Gonzales, Julie Coonrod.
Seond row, left to right:  Josie Gibson, Jim Matthews, Jerome Hall, Tang-Tat Percy Ng, Tim Ross, Deborah Fisher,  Arup Maji.
Third row, left to right:  Jim Brogan, Mahmoud Taha, John Stormont, Walter Gerstle, Larry Lenke, Kerry Howe, Tim Ward.

Faculty Photo 2009

faculty 2009

Front row, left to right:  Bruce Thomson, Susan Bogus Halter, Jerome Hall, Walter Gerstle, Tim Ross, Giovanni Migliaccio, Arup Maji.
Second row, left to right:  Andrew Schuler, Jim Brogan, John Stormont, Julie Coonrod, Kerry Howe, Tang Tat Percy Ng, Jim Matthews, Rafiqul Tarefder, Mahmoud Taha.