PhD in Engineering (PHD-ENG)

Graduate school offers leadership and management opportunities. An advanced degree has the potential to open doors far wider than a bachelor’s degree. It allows you to move up and go far in your field. You also need an advanced degree to work in academia and research. Other benefits include more control over your career and the chance to follow different career paths.

A sampling of our research areas: Microbial activities to improve environmental quality, bio mechanics, intelligent transportation systems, uncertainty analysis, and nanomaterials for structural composites. Please see the Research tab for additional information about the research being conducted in the department.

Concentrations are available in six areas:

The Ph.D. degree requires a minimum of 48 credits of course work plus 18 hours of dissertation credits. For students with an MS degree in Civil Engineering, a maximum of 24 credits may be applied as transfer credits. For all students, at least 24 credits must be taken at UNM and at least 18 credits must be completed after admission to the PhD program in Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. In addition, 18 credits must be earned at UNM in courses numbered 500 or above. Ph.D. students must complete the M.S. core course requirements established in their area of specialty.

Seminar Requirement: IN ADDITION to the requirements listed in the above paragraph and the general University doctoral degree requirements listed in the UNM catalog, students must take 2 credits of Graduate Seminar, CE 691.

Qualifying Exam

The PhD Qualifying Exam, taken during the first or second semester as a doctoral student, is intended to examine the student’s preparedness for graduate work at the advanced level. This test is typically an eight-hour written exam as well as a two-three hour oral exam.

Comprehensive Exam

Once students have substantially completed the coursework for the PhD, they will take the Comprehensive Exam to determine if they are prepared to begin research on their dissertation topic. This exam includes both written and oral components.

Dissertation Defense

In order to receive the PhD degree, the student must successfully defend his/her dissertation topic. Generally the defense will consist of a formal presentation of the work described in the dissertation followed by questions from the student’s committee and the audience.

Complete information regarding graduate degrees can be found in the UNM Catalog and from the Office of Graduate Studies.