Students Build Connections

December 3, 2014

Students Build Connections

A new student group at UNM seeks to create a network for soon-to-be building industry entrepreneurs.  Lobo Builders is branching out to a diverse student resource in order to build upon their goals and visions of success in business.  It is a networking career group for anyone interested in any aspect of the building industry, whether that be drafting or design, architecture, loans or finance, subcontracting, construction, and engineering. 

Levi Green, president of Lobo Builders, said the chapter will give students direction within a broad spectrum of industry opportunities and will have real life experiences and involvement with the community as well as with industry leaders.

In January 2015 the Lobo Builders will be presenting a project proposal at the International Builder’s show for the Residential Construction Management Competition.  The proposal will include the finance, marketing, management, cost analysis, and scheduling. 

By involvement through the Lobo Builders, students can actually know the owners of the companies.  When students are looking for a job after graduation, they will have that personal connection already which is the most valuable thing that can be learned from this program.