Dr. Rowangould Interviewed to Comment on Recent Study

October 27, 2014

     Gregory RowangouldDr. Gregory Rowangould was recently interviewed by the ABQ Journal to comment on a recent study linking living near roadways to death from heartdisease.  TheJournal wanted his thoughts on the study since it relates to his own research on who lives near roadways and modeling near roadway air pollution.

The new study that looked at just women has determined that living near a major roadway significantly increases their risk of dying from sudden cardiac failure.  It also found that lower-income residents and minorities are more likely to live near a freeway or other major road.

The researchers noted that roadway proximity could be a marker for exposure to air pollution.  Rowangould said the study is “yet another piece of evidence relating vehicle emissions to health concerns.  The bottom line is that the closer you live to these roadways, the greater the risk.”

The findings have been published in the current issue of the American Heart Association journal, Circulation.