Dr. Andy Schuler Wins Best Paper Award

October 7, 2014

Dr Andrew SchulerUNM Civil Engineering Best Paper Award in Fall 2014 goes to Dr. Andy Schuler for his paper entitled ”Parameters characterization and optimization of activated carbon (AC) cathodes for microbial fuel cell application” published in Bioresource Technology, Vol. 163 (2014) pp. 54–63. As quoted by the Award external reviewer “This article, co-authored by Andrew J. Schuler, presents the optimal pressure and temperature required for the best performance of activated carbon as a catalyst in microbial fuel cells. Included in the article is an elegant graphical abstract illustrating that optimal pressure and temperature affect surface chemistry, resistance, and surface morphology of the activated carbon cathodes. This is an important step in finding a lower cost electrode material that can make microbial fuel cells a viable technology”. Congratulations Dr. Schuler.